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"I contacted Boston Pedorthic to help optimize my performance as an athlete in track and football. Before, the pain I experienced during practice was so intense that after only a couple of hours I had to stop. Now I can last the entire six hours. It's the custom design that made all the difference. A pedorthist even came to my training session to ensure that they could properly capture my gait and create a perfect fit."

Ron Jones
N. Reading, MA

"Following foot surgery, my hometown pedorthist from Cincinnati, Ohio did a great job with custom foot orthotics that helped me compete in high school football and college. In my senior year, I needed to find someone local because my pedorthist had past away and my orthotics were shot.

I showed Eric the inserts that I had and he did a full assessment. He appeared to be extremely knowledgeable. He spent a lot of time with me, and between what he could see that my previous pedorthist had already done and by using his own techniques, he created orthotics for me that were incredibly comfortable, durable, and alleviated much of my foot pain.

The orthotics sustained me for the entire season and I came back twice - when I was trying to play professionally and had put on weight and more recently as a slimmer person, still active, but not competing, just playing pick up basketball with friends. Both times, he adjusted and reinforced the orthotics to support those two different lifestyles.

I now know that without the orthotics made by these two master pedorthists, I wouldn’t have been as fast, as agile, and as explosive (because they’re so stable.)"

Nick Larkin
Football Captain
2007 Boston College

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