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"As an ultra marathon runner and triathlete, I really put my footwear to the test. But I have to say that I LOVE the Boston Pedorthic orthotics you made for me! I ran a marathon two weeks ago in Indiana and they worked like a charm. I had no leg or foot issues whatsoever. It was my 26th marathon and (for the first time ever) I didn't get any blisters! In addition, I have been doing 3-4 hour trail runs with the orthotics, running through knee-deep water. The orthotics dry out quickly and feel great. I'm planning to run the Stone Cat 50 miler with them this fall. "

Paula Garland
Hopkinton, MA

"As a founder of the Thirsty Irish Runners Club, I enjoy mentoring younger runners and exchanging stories. I average 10 training miles per day and have not missed a day since 1998. I had a history of knee pain, but with my Boston Pedorthic orthotics, I now enjoy running far more than I ever expected. I moved two first places in the senior division of New England Runners magazine Pub Series and have placed in every race so far this year. "

David Wessman
Scituate, MA

"I'm a new runner and was experiencing ankle and arch pain prior to using Boston Pedorthic orthotics. I'm pleased to report that I love my orthotics. I am pain-free and breaking my timing record. I plan to run lots of marathons and to use running to benefit "Saving Teens in Crisis Collaborative."

John David Reuben
Sudbury, MA

"I run marathons and I'm very in tune to what's going on with my feet. I have flat feet, and I'm quite selective about what kind of orthotics I choose for support. I wanted to make sure that I had the best support possible, so I went to Boston Pedorthics for a pair of orthotics.
I played competitive varsity sports all through high school, and also at a Division I college. It's great to be treated like an athlete. Eric at Boston Pedorthic was fabulously attentive to detail, and adjusted my orthotics until the best alignment was found."

Lisa Napoli
Lexington, MA

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