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"My ten year old son has flat feet and it hurts for him to do a lot of walking and sports. I took him to Boston Pedorthic to get orthotics because I was confident from the work they did for me. They made my orthotics and it's really helped relieve my foot pain.
Now Zach's feet hurt a lot less at the end of the day. This spring, I ordered a second pair for his soccer cleats because he complained that he couldn't wear the cleats.
I don't have to remind him to move the orthotics between his different shoes. He needs them, so he sees them as a way to help himself - which is nice for a ten-year old. Most kids his age need to be reminded to brush their teeth. For him to do it by himself shows me that he not only knows that the orthotics help him, he experiences the benefit."

David Aronson
Framingham, MA

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