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"I have been dealing with tremendous pain in my feet for many years and nothing has seemed to help. I am so grateful that the specialists at Brigham & Women's Hospital recommended I contact Boston Pedorthic because I am finally walking without any pain for the first time in my adult life. The state-of-the-art equipment combined with all the attention they gave me to customize the product made a tremendous difference in ensuring my comfort."

Toula Tuckerman
Newton, MA

"I am very pleased with what Boston Pedorthic has done for me. Over the years, I purchased several different types of orthotics from other shoe stores and even the local hospital. None worked out well. Then I was referred by a friend to Boston Pedorthic. Eric Schuster, the pedorthist, was wonderful. Knowledgeable, helpful and available, he took all the time necessary to create a solution to my difficult foot problems. I am now much more comfortable and stable with more than six pairs of shoes and three pairs of orthotics from Boston Pedorthic."

Alice Axelbank
Newton, MA

"I've been through a lot trying to find a solution to my difficult foot issues caused by Morton's Neuroma. I've even endured painful cortisone injections with the assurance that they would provide relief. However, the pain always returned.

I work in high-end retail sales and I dress up for work - but in the past, I had to wear sneakers with my dress clothes due to my foot issues. It got to the point where simply walking was painful. Then a good friend recommended that I see a pedorthist, so I made an appointment with Eric Schuster at Boston Pedorthic

I went into this extremely frustrated and skeptical because I had already tried so many other treatments. But the time, care and attention that I received from Eric were unbelievable. And in the end, Eric has been the only one able to provide me with relief.

I wear the orthotics and shoes from Boston Pedorthic every day and the condition of my feet has definitely improved. Eric is professional, compassionate and thorough, and I endorse Boston Pedorthic one hundred percent!"

Liz Diamond
Chelsea, MA

"I enjoy playing basketball in a men's league, but for years I have experienced foot pain during and after every game. Every now and then I would land on my foot in such a way that caused pain for several weeks whenever I walked. My parents recommended that I visit the pedorthist they see in Brighton - since I couldn't find anyone in the Washington D.C. or Virginia area with the same technology as they have at Boston Pedorthic. On my next trip back to Massachusetts, I scheduled an appointment at Boston Pedorthic. They were able to create orthotics that allow me to play the entire basketball game with no pain. I also feel more overall support for my ankles, and can play harder because I'm not as fearful of hurting myself. I was warned that I would probably need to return for one or more adjustments to get the right fit and support, but it turned out that the fit was perfect and no follow-ups were needed. The orthotics are so comfortable that I wear them even when I'm not playing basketball. They're also surprisingly durable - my current pair of orthotics has long outlasted the original pair of sneakers they came in."

Adam R.
Alexandria, VA

"Because of the pain caused by my flat feet, I have been wearing orthotics for nearly 30 years. I was finding the need to replace my orthotics about every two years - until I had a pair created by Boston Pedorthic. It's approaching two years now that I've been wearing this pair of very high quality, custom orthotics from Boston Pedorthic, and they are in such great shape that I am confident they will last many more years.

I came across the Boston Pedorthic website and was intrigued by the technology they use to create custom orthotics. Instead of the messy casting process used by others, Boston Pedorthic uses innovative computer technology to create the orthotics. I found the pedorthist to be extremely knowledgeable in the field.

Since I enjoy trekking - a rough-terrain form of hiking - I had a pair of orthotics specifically made for my trekking boots in addition to a pair of everyday orthotics. Boston Pedorthic created orthotics that provide me with the confidence that I can safely, painlessly trek for long periods of time without fear of injury.

In addition, Boston Pedorthic offers such a wide range of shoes in the size and width I need, that I no longer shop anywhere else for shoes!"

E. McG.
Franklin, MA

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