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"In the last 5 years I have walked in 65 countries worldwide. I am known to youth worldwide as 'Dr. John' (Ed.D., Harvard University). Since 1999, I've been on a voluntary mission to teach teens how to avoid HIV/AIDS. I meet youth on the street, and they take me to meet their peers throughout the community. We're talking about walking in narrow urban slums and rocky paths in rural outposts. Much of where I walked was uneven terrain that would present challenges to any hiker. Because of my history of diabetes and advancing neuropathy, I have to be extra careful of where and how I walk to avoid falls and injury. That's why I was advised to go to Boston Pedorthics for excellently constructed shoes and customized inserts for my foot condition. I'm glad that I did.
Boston Pedorthic fitted me with cool-looking walking shoes and custom foot orthotics. I can now walk in places that even a year ago would have been impossible for me".

Dr. John Chittick
Fitchburg, MA

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