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"I enjoy playing basketball in a men's league, but for years I have experienced foot pain during and after every game. Every now and then I would land on my foot in such a way that caused pain for several weeks whenever I walked. My parents recommended that I visit the pedorthist they see in Brighton - since I couldn't find anyone in the Washington D.C. or Virginia area with the same technology as they have at Boston Pedorthic. On my next trip back to Massachusetts, I scheduled an appointment at Boston Pedorthic. They were able to create orthotics that allow me to play the entire basketball game with no pain. I also feel more overall support for my ankles, and can play harder because I'm not as fearful of hurting myself. I was warned that I would probably need to return for one or more adjustments to get the right fit and support, but it turned out that the fit was perfect and no follow-ups were needed. The orthotics are so comfortable that I wear them even when I'm not playing basketball. They're also surprisingly durable - my current pair of orthotics has long outlasted the original pair of sneakers they came in."

Adam R.
Alexandria, VA

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