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What are the best shoes for multiple sclerosis treatment? If all feet were equal and all cases of multiple sclerosis identical, the answer would be easy. But the best shoes depend upon you: your feet, and your symptoms. So the best shoes for multiple sclerosis treatment are those that fit your individual feet best, provide comfort, support you, assist in gait, and protect you if you are not walking. This page provides basic information about choosing the best shoes to address symptoms and conditions secondary to multiple sclerosis. For those who need individual attention, Boston Pedorthic offers two solutions:

1. Pedorthic Assessments
by individual appointment
A detailed analysis by a board-certified pedorthist gives you knowledge and skills to make smart shoe purchasing decisions. Bring your shoes.
2. Advanced custom foot orthotics
for multiple sclerosis treatment
Providing optimum support and comfort while you wear the shoes of your wardrobe. European engineering and US innovation combine for precision and results you can count on.
Better living for people with MS
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Walking with Multiple Sclerosis
Most of us live with some degree of foot discomfort from the complex and stressful demands on the feet as we walk bearing our own weight and balancing on two feet. Complications due to multiple sclerosis increase the odds of developing discomfort and disruptive complications to healthy standing and walking. They can include:

  • foot pain
  • muscle laxity
  • spasticity
  • difficulty walking
  • difficulty maintaining balance
    uncoordinated movements
  • stiffness
  • weakness
  • tremors
  • fatigue
  • swelling
  • drop foot
  • …and more

Click here for a printable version of this SHOE FITTING AID to take with you when you shoe shop!
Finding the Best Shoes for Multiple Sclerosis Treatment
Finding the best shoes for multiple sclerosis treatment starts with understanding the principles of good shoe fitting and getting to know your own feet.

Your best bet for favorable results is to get professionally fitted to shoes. If that is not practical, shop at shoe stores that provide shoes in multiple widths, not just “medium.” Because a medium in one shoe is a wide in another shoe; there are no standards in shoe sizing, so you need to try them on and make sure the shoe fits you correctly.

Good foot health begins by choosing everyday footwear that does not confine the feet, or pitch the heels much higher than the toes. You don’t need to say goodbye to style. But it pays to reserve high fashion for special occasions. To transition to more comfort in your daily wardrobe, we suggest that you lead your shoe shopping with the best fit to your foot, and then choose the most style you can get with a favorable compromise toward comfort.

Common good practices include choosing a shoe that...

  • is selected for your foot type
  • has sufficient arch support
  • has sufficient medial and lateral support
  • flexes where your feet flex
  • has soft uppers
  • has adequate cushioning, and
  • doesn’t require effort to keep it on or balance on it.

For those with balance problems, look to a wider outer sole. Turn the shoe around and examine the base. Does it start wide at the heel, contour narrowly in the middle, and then widen at the forefoot? Compare it to others. Try shoes that offer a wider base of support under the instep.

If arch pain is the problem, you can experiment with off-the-shelf, inexpensive orthotics before considering custom approaches. Finally, is the shoe flexible or firm? Determine which properties are better for you.

Pedorthics for Multiple Sclerosis Treatment

Mass-produced shoes and off-the-shelf orthotics cannot address everyone’s detailed needs, especially when complications of multiple sclerosis start to surface.

Boston Pedorthic has developed an integrated approach using shoes+orthotics+orthopedic modifications (where necessary) that optimizes comfort and stability for multiple sclerosis treatment.

A highly individualized approach, combined with in-house, precision technology for producing detailed custom foot orthotics for multiple sclerosis treatment, yields the best results for maintaining comfortable and healthy gait, and addressing risk complications should they arise.

It starts with an in-depth, pedorthic assessment to assess the foot conditions. Beginning with a recounting of your history and symptoms, the pedorthist will examine your feet and your gait and seek to determine the contribution your shoes can make toward your goals.

Why pedorthics? More prevalent in Europe than the US, a pedorthist is an allied health professional, focused on footwear, as it performs to meet your individual foot condition, including but not limited to multiple sclerosis treatment. Pedorthists are highly skilled in evaluating shoes, detailing custom shoes, manufacturing custom foot orthotics and all manners of orthopedic modifications to shoes.

As a person at risk for healthy walking, you can expect to find the pedorthic assessment highly informative and valuable to you. You can count on your Pedorthist as a member of your clinical team.

Better living for people with MS Advanced Orthotics for Multiple Sclerosis Treatment

Starting with inexpensive, off-the-shelf orthotics is an easy way to get started with more arch support. You can find various products on the shelves of pharmacies and other retailers. If pre-fabricated products do not go far enough to address your disruptive symptoms, a custom approach is usually indicated. And custom foot orthotics are readily available from any number of professionals who provide them as part of their overall practice.

Because custom foot orthotics are a specialty of Boston Pedorthic, we use a combination of technologies and possess the skills that you can rely on -- from 3D imaging to computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM). This means better results, starting with better distribution of weight and better support for muscle laxity and imbalances. Beyond that, you can expect improved stamina, stability, pain-and-pressure-relief, and comfort, from your advanced custom foot orthotics for multiple sclerosis treatment by Boston Pedorthic.

Learn more about Boston Pedorthic’s Advanced Custom Foot Orthotics.

Your advanced orthotics for Multiple Sclerosis Treatment

Your goal is ambitious. It starts with improving comfort and balance. But you can expect more. In most cases, your integrated, advanced custom foot orthotic and shoes for multiple sclerosis treatment should provide substantial improvement of discomfort or pain, and gait anomalies. When your foot impacts with the ground, you can expect much better contact and support. And that will cause less fatigue and help you to become as active as possible.

Custom foot orthotics for multiple sclerosis treatment requires detail to be successful. This includes subtle changes of elevation, pitch and material that become apparent after wear.

Control over all aspects of production, from design to manufacture and using high grade materials for fabrication is important criteria for best practices at Boston Pedorthic because custom foot orthotics for multiple sclerosis treatment often need to be adjusted to deliver an ultimately well-tolerated and sustainably satisfying result for the individual patient. It is important to note that all foot orthotic manufacturing is performed by Boston Pedorthic staff on machinery owned and operated by Boston Pedorthic. The benefit to you is that Boston Pedorthic has the ability to build not just any orthotic, but your orthotic, for your multiple sclerosis treatment, addressing the particular forces that cause problems in your feet and limbs. Precisely and responsibly.

Expect more relief from Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms

The result is superior support of healthy joint alignment, superior capabilities to offload painful pressures, thorough coverage of the weight-bearing surface of the individual feet, and full integration of shoes for a complete therapeutic result. Each person is different with specific, individual requirements for best results. Indeed, each foot is different, the left, the right and what happens in between them. A highly customized and detailed approach is Boston Pedorthic's signature to multiple sclerosis treatment and maintaining healthy feet for the future.

Let us know how we can put pedorthics to work for you and start reversing plantar fasciitis today. Boston Pedorthic is conveniently located on Commonwealth Avenue, just north of Cleveland Circle in Brighton, Massachusetts. Start experiencing more comfort today!

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