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Combine your custom foot

orthotics into your cleats

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Over the years, we've seen so many football players suffering with foot pain. The biggest reason? They were wearing a cleat that is too narrow because that's all that was available.

A “true-lasted”, technical football cleat will have a different width outer sole for every width, not just wrap the leather around your foot, without proper support.

Our best wishes to you for a great season.

Narrow and Wide Quality Football Cleats

You're a better athlete with footwear that fits your foot. You'll feel better, have more control, more stamina - and do yourself a favor by maintaining your foot health for your golden years.

Boston Pedorthic is proud to offer New Balance and Reebok football cleats in a variety of widths, including B, D, 2E, 4E. Choose from the speed or strength collection with options such as detachable cleats, mid top, low top, turf, non-turf and non-detachable.  Browse Football Cleats

So you can play stronger, better and longer.

Football Action featuring New Balance Speed Collection
For those who need custom support,
Boston Pedorthic makes its
to the highest technical standard that fits precisely in your cleat.




...after you're feeling better on the field, enjoy a deep discount on 2nd orthotics for your everyday walking comfort

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