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Telephone: 617-787-8779

At your appointment, you can expect personal care from a pedorthist who will address the goals that you bring us. Specifically, you can expect:
  1. Discussion of your problem-oriented history and goals for improvement.
  2. Assessment: an examination of your foot condition related to how shoes and foot orthotics can be helpful to you.
  3. Plan of action: Solutions will be presented for your consideration
  4. Satisfaction of your needs from shoes, shoe modifications or orthotics
  5. Evaluation and adjustments of results
Our patients routinely remark at how much they learned about their feet at their appointment.
If you have any questions or concerns about your appointment, do not hesitate to call at 617-787-8779.
We can produce data to measure and account for irregularities in pressure or gait during stance, walking, or running. This test helps to clarify what happens to your foot inside a shoe or sneaker. This test can also help determine whether your shoes are the best size and shape for your particular foot. Reports to referring clinicians are provided upon request.


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