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Would Sports Orthotics help me?

Knowing how your foot functions when you engage in sports can help you to choose footwear and evaluate orthotics knowledgably. Use the following survey to find out if sports orthotics may be right for you. For more detail, you may track your foot function over a 1-2 week period.

Sports Questionnaire

  1. I feel pain in my feet when I run or play sports
  2. I am subject to over-use injuries
  3. I have a foot condition or prior foot or ankle injury that is disruptive.
  4. I do not contact the ground confidently with consistent stability
  5. I wish I had better alignment from my feet up through my limbs and hips or vice versa
  6. My stamina needs improvement
  7. I want more power and better execution from ground contact with every move I make in the game.
  8. I already have orthotics, but I donít feel they are helping me
  9. I believe in maintaining my body's structure, so that I can continue my sport for a long time.

If you answered "yes" to one or more of these questions, it may be worthwhile for you to learn more about your foot function and see whether Boston Pedorthic can make a meaningful contribution to enhanced sports performance and your safety.

Let us know how we can put pedorthics to work for you. Boston Pedorthic is conveniently located on Commonwealth Avenue, just north of Cleveland Circle in Brighton, Massachusetts
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