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Foot Function Tracking

To help you become aware of your symptoms, use this chart to track your foot function as you engage in your sport for a 1-2 week period.
Instructions: For each training date, indicate the time, mile or another marker to indicate the onset of pain or discomfort. Check the column that refers to the region of the body experiencing discomfort or use a rating scale of 1-10 to describe the intensity of pain. Use as many rows as necessary to describe your symptoms. Use a separate chart for each sport or separate activity. Click here to print a .pdf of this chart


Mile Marker/
Other indicator:
Rearfoot Pain
Arch/ Midfoot
Toe/ Forefoot
Ankle PainShin Pain Other discomfort/
Acute (new)
or Chronic
How do you manage or alleviate your discomfort?



How does your sports discomfort compare with your daily walking and prolonged standing?



Notes: (prior mileage, miles on shoes, etc.):





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